curiculum vitae armin rieger


born september 18th 1949 in Bad Liebenwerda/Germany
1956 to 1966 grade school
1966 to 1968 apprenticeship at the “Töpferhof Gramann” of Gramann KG in Römhild
1968 Examination at the end of apprenticeship in Bürgel
1968 to 1970 practical work in dierent workshops
1970 to 1971 study at the arts university in Berlin Weissensee (East Berlin)
since 1971 practical work in dierent workshops with potters and sculptors
1978 examinnation for master’s certificate in pottery

1979 moving to Bergfeld in Mecklenburg, acquisition of an old farm
and founding of own workshop
1980 to 1987 training of several apprentices
since 1982 involved in work with salt glazed pottery in the wood fire
since 1986 organizer of the international ceramics symposium in Bergfeld,
the first with participants from Poland, Hungary, Germany and Estonia

1990 co-organizer of the international ceramics symposium in Römhild
1990 june first freely elected community major of 6 villages,
even before the official reunification of germany
till 1994 for two more election periods assistant major
till 1994 two more ceramic symposiums at the own workshop in Bergfeld with
participants from Norway, Denmark, Israel, Estonia, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

Since 1990 journalistic works for dierent keramics magazines
1999 guest artist at the Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen
1999 to 2013 also honoraium for postgraduate training
2004 organizer of the woodfire kiln project “anagama adé”
2011 to 2016 organizer of the pleinair “Baltische Brücke” with artists from Estonia,
Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland and Germany.

Armin Rieger an der Drehscheibe
Armin Rieger

personal exhibitions and participations (excerpt)
Yugoslavia, Portugal, Russia, New Zealand, Estonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Switzerland,
two times at arts exhibition of GDR in Dresden
three times at international salt glaze exhibition in Koblenz
further exhibitions in Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin etc.
personal exhibition 2014 in artists colony Ahrenshoop
to celebrate the 65th birthday and 35 years of workshop

pleinairs and symposiums
1958 Siklos/Hungary, 1988 Wald/Switzerland, 1990 Römhild and Kassel/Germany
1993 international porcellain symposium in Kahla, 2002 international salt glaze symposium,
2013 international pleinair in St. Petersburg
since 2004 till today international pleinair in Nida/Lithuania
2015 participation at International Teabowl-Festival at Mungyeong/Korea
2016 participation at International Pleinair at University of Yerewan/Armenia

works in collections in Germany, Switzerland and Japan